Waco Sports and Recreation

Waco Sports and RecreationUnquestionably, Waco is one of the most alluring parts of Central Texas with its inviting scenery and comfortable climate. That's also what makes outdoor activities so much fun. Not only does the Brazos River bring a unique natural beauty to the area, it also is the catalyst for lots of outdoor sports and recreation, too. Waco features an impressive selection of hike and bike trails, camping and fishing spots, and lots more.


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Pro Sports

Dallas Cowboys
The closest professional sports team to Waco is the Dallas Cowboys. The team led by quarterback Tony Romo, has undergone several dramatic shifts within its personnel, and they continue to strive for another shot at the Superbowl. Playing at the newly remodeled Cowboys Stadium, the team has a rabid legion of followers, not the least of which live in Waco. A short ride up I-35 leads fans to the game, just in time for a tailgate party and then the eventual kickoff.

Address: 900 Randol Mill Road, Arlington, TX 76011 - MAP
Web: www.dallascowboys.com

Baylor Bears
Baylor University's presence in Waco goes beyond academics. Known as the Baylor Bears, the college also has built a highly regarded athletic program that includes teams that compete in sports like softball, baseball, basketball and of course, football. The football team has won much-deserved acclaim as a Big 12 team, and football season is welcomed by Waco residents as another opportunity to see the team hit the gridiron and forge their status toward the upper reaches of the weekly college football rankings.

Web: www.baylorbears.com


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Hiking, Biking & Trails

Cameron Park
Once described as grueling and slippery, volunteers have worked to make the bike trails at Cameron Park a completely different experience than what they were in their original form. The bike trails are now much more amenable to activity, and while they still prove a challenge with slopes and curves that don't look as menacing upon first glance, they will test your skills and give you a great workout at the same time. If biking is your sport of choice, this recreation trail offers the perfect challenge.

Web: www.waco-texas.com

Cotton Belt Trail
The Cotton Belt Trail is a highlight of the Meridian State Park which opened in 1935 and, while offering impressive sites to camp and fish, this hiking trail is as challenging as it is picturesque. Spread out along Bee Creek, the natural rock formations and foliage only add to the recreation trail's rustic charm that keeps it from getting lost in the background. You'll find yourself marveling at nature while getting a great recreational hike experience, too.

Web: www.waco-texas.com


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Brazos River
The Brazos River boasts excellent water quality and flow, making it the ideal location to head out in your boat for an afternoon (or weekend) of great fishing and outdoor recreation. Access to the Brazos in Waco is easiest by going through Cameron Park to Lake Whitney, which in turn feeds into the river. There are plenty of camping sites to enjoy after your time on the water is done, and if you choose to return to the water, you can enjoy a relaxing canoe ride before heading back to camp for the night.

Web: www.brazos.org

Lake Waco
Lake Waco has the distinction of being entirely located within Waco's city limits and is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operated lake in McLennan County. There are several parks around the lake that offer the amenities for not only camping but recreation activities like fishing, boating, jetskiing, water skiing, and swimming. So if your fun in the sun includes spending time in and on the water, Lake Waco is the perfect destination.

Web: www.lake-waco.net


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Plenty Of Thrills

Waco Skydiving
The adrenaline rush of falling through the Waco sky at 120 miles an hour is something that defies description. Make that experience one that you put into your own words by meeting up with the pros at Waco Skydiving. After extensive training, you'll be suited up and taken up to the clouds in a spacious plane that can accommodate several jumpers if you choose to bring along some buddies to attempt a tandem jump. Whatever you choose, make sure you have your guide videotape your dive, so that you can share your thrill-seeking sky dive with your friends long after you safely return to earth.

Phone: (800) 753-9796
Web: www.skydivingwaco.com

Powerplay Paintball
If you or your kids have real warrior instincts, put them to the test at Powerplay Paintball. The friendly staff will make sure that you suit up safely and will also inform you of the rules to ensure that your recreational warfare on the paintball battlegrounds is as fun as it is safe. Special events are planned several times a month, including an "aliens vs. predators" match up pitting the red-paint aliens against the green-paint predators. It's great fun and exercise, not to mention a healthy adrenaline rush, too!

Address: 4301 Meyers Lane, Waco, TX - MAP
Phone: (254) 867-0047
Web: Website


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AMF Westview Lanes
Lace up your bowling shoes, pick your comfortable bowling ball weight and settle in at the AMF Westview Lanes for a few frames. The only strike outs are at the end of the alley when you knock all those pins down, because the service, food and gaming are all sure-fire hits! Make sure to check the website or call ahead to reserve your lane. Don't miss a minute of excitement in this state-of-the-art bowling facility that is a Waco favorite for recreational and team bowling.

Address: 4565 West Waco Drive, Waco, TX 76710 - MAP
Phone: (254) 772-6600
Web: www.amf.com

If shooting a relaxed game of pool with friends while enjoying a nice frosty glass of beer sounds like a great time, head to Waco's Click's and rack'em up! The facility is equipped with several 61" eye-popping big-screen TVs that are always showing the latest sporting events, and the cavernous lounge area is a great place to relax between games or just settle in for a while and catch up with your pals. Click's also features a great menu of appetizers and munchies, so if you get hungry while at the billiard table, relief isn't far away.

Address: 1200 Richland Drive, Waco, TX 76710 - MAP
Phone: (254) 776-2261
Web: www.clicks.com