Arts, Music & Entertainment in Waco

Arts, Music & Entertainment in WacoWaco is one of the brightest spots in Central Texas for artists to express themselves musically or visually. There are several opportunities to enjoy the ever-changing entertainment scene that finds artists happy to share their talent with the area's ever-welcoming and widening audience.

Waco's Civic Theatre
Waco's Civic Theatre has a rich artistic history in the community that reaches all the way back to the 1920s. In 1945, the organization consolidated with the Baylor University Drama Department, and that pairing proved to be the beginning of a rather prolific era of creativity that continues to this day. In addition to regularly hosting fundraisers for area organizations, the Civic Theatre also presents clinics and seminars for young students interested in drama and theater. And with such touchstone productions as Hello Dolly and The Seven Year Itch on the entertainment schedule, another year of continuing its longstanding tradition of excellence is well underway.

Address: 1517 Lake Air Drive, Waco, TX 76710 - MAP
Phone: (254) 776-1591

Waco Symphony Orchestra
When conductor Stephen Heyde takes center stage, baton in hand, to conduct the Waco Symphony Orchestra, you're sure to hear something very special. Heyde and the musicians work hard all year round to maintain the high level of quality and presentation every time they perform. That commitment has paid off, as the orchestra has not only won local and regional accolades, but they've also had the distinction of making music with a variety of world-renowned soloists.

Address: 600 Austin Ave, Suite 10, Waco, TX 76703 - MAP
Phone: (254) 754-0851

McLennan Community College Theatre
Sometimes, you'll find an amazing array of talent and entertainment right in your own back yard. Such is the case with the actors and behind-the-scenes personnel that work to bring several productions to the McLennan Community College Theatre. These individuals work hard to bring musicals, operas, and musical dramas to life on their stage several times a year. The hard work has paid off, because the McLennan Community College Theatre has won rave reviews and cultivated a devoted following and steadily attracts new fans.

Address: 1400 College Drive, on the McLennan Community College Campus, Waco, TX 76703 - MAP
Phone: (254) 299-8200

The Baylor Theatre
The Baylor Theatre rises to the challenge every single time they put together a performance. That challenge is to produce work that is comparable to anything done in much larger cities, and, by all accounts, the troupe of actors, producers, directors and stage technicians achieve their goal with flying colors. In addition to the regular season's worth of entertainment, Baylor Theatre also hosts the Horton Foote American Playwrights festival each year which gives audiences a chance to discover up and coming talent.

Address: Baylor University, Waco, TX 76703 - MAP
Phone: (254) 710-1861

Art Center of Waco
The Art Center of Waco is an unquestionably essential hub in the city's art scene. This is where great works are both created and displayed. The creation aspect of it occurs during the art classes designed for children or adults, and these enthusiastic students are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of mediums. There are also impressive works displayed from prominent local, regional and national talent. Plus, summer art camps, festivals and a constant stream of new exhibits all make the Art Center of Waco an active member of the art scene.

Address: 1300 College Drive, Waco, TX 76708 - MAP
Phone: (254) 752-4371

Waco Children's Theatre
Ever wonder where the next big Hollywood actor will come from? Maybe that future star will rise from the cast of any of the many productions at the Waco Children's Theatre. This organization provides local youth with a creative outlet as well as an opportunity to get hands-on experience working on and in various stage productions. The program of plays and other engagements is constantly updated, and that not only means that there is great entertainment to be seen and heard by local theater fans, it also means that a future Hollywood star is one step closer to being discovered.

Address: 2000 Lenamon St., Waco, TX 76710 - MAP
Phone: (254) 776-0707